Our Companies

Vertical Integration

Nordstern Group is an amalgamated company with years of experience in the aluminum and manufacturing industry. We are made up of leading experts from across North America.

Together through our vertical integration and collective experience, we are driven by a commitment to build on best practices, designing and creating the machines so many other businesses need.

Custom Castings Limited specializes in manufacturing high-quality permanent mold aluminum and zinc alloy castings. Operating out of a 50,000 square-foot facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Custom Castings provides its customers a single-source solution using world-class technology.

Custom Castings Case Study

Material: 356.1-T6
Weight: 1.8 lbs
Dimensions: 6” x 3.5” x 3.5”
Applications: Hydraulic filter adapter for hydraulic system on Bobcat Skid Steer Loaders
  • We used permanent mold, due to quantity needs and sand core requirements, which allowed us to consistently produce a product with a high level of internal complexity.
  • To solve some of the production challenges posed by the complexity of the component—namely, deburring and internal cleanliness requirements—Custom Castings invested in equipment and training.
  • We’ve produced 35,000 EAU. The program started in 2013.

Sure Cast Aluminum Foundry is located in Blaine, Minnesota. For more than 30 years, Sure Cast has produced top quality sand castings for a diverse range of industries. The company’s state of the art technology, and its commitment to working with customers as partners to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives.

Industrial Lighting Housing

Material: 356.1-T6
Weight: 10.32 lbs
Dimensions: 12.00” x 12.00” x 3.75”
Applications:  LED Lighting Housing
  • We use the green sand sand-casting process due to quantity needs and complex geometry, which allows us to consistently produce a product with a high level of external complexity.
  • The complex external features of this part demonstrates Sure Cast’s sophisticated design and production capabilities, as well as our ability to maintain tight tolerances.
  • We produce approximately 250 pieces annually.

    We specialize in the design and build of machining fixtures, jigs, assembly fixtures, and welding fixtures for world-class precision-machining companies across the continent. Through our integrated design and manufacturing capabilities, we will get your project launched in a shorter amount of time.

    Forte Case Study


    For more than 60 years, FLOFORM’s skilled craftspeople have helped customers select, fabricate and install countertops both residentially and commercially in Winnipeg but also in other Canadian cities.

    They came to Forte Tooling Technologies with a specific manufacturing problem they were having, curious to see if we could create the right tool for them. FLOFORM wanted to produce L-shaped pieces of laminate, glue them on the edge of their countertops, and then trim them in place to fit.

    At the time, they were band sawing the laminates one at a time. It was slow and arduous process, and it was very dependent on the operator to cut them accurately. Producing the L-shaped laminates in the quantity they wanted in the allotted time for their commercial and residential clients was basically an impossible task.


    The Forte team has decades of design experience, and we’ve created a number of tooling solutions for several companies.

    For FLOFORM, we knew we had to build a tool that at least doubled their throughput, as they were only cutting about 5 to 10 laminates an hour, depending on how fast their employees cut. They wanted a tool that could punch up to 20 laminates an hour.

    So, we began collaboratively designing a tool that solved this huge inefficiency, and our team created a new die that produces the L-shaped laminate accurately and in a fraction of the time.


    So, FLOFORM wanted a machine that could punch at least 20 L-shaped laminates an hour, and Forte gave them a tool that could punch one every 45 seconds. That’s 75 an hour. Most importantly, we were able to accomplish this within their budget.

    Forte Tooling Technologies does not only meet expectations. We set out to exceed them.

    FLOFORM no longer had to waste time having employees cut these L-shaped laminates by hand, where the potential for human error is ever present. Instead, our tool allowed them to save time and money, where they are now able to reinvest these resources back into their business.

      With more than 25 years in the coating industry, Protek applies coatings for various industries, which protect products against the harshest materials. The company’s innovative facility and coating applications, allow the company to exceed all expectations. The company is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

      Protek Case Study

      Wedges are critical components used to manufacture soft gelatin capsules. This piece is integral to gelatin capsules because if it’s not coated properly, the capsules end up with twisted seams, air pockets, or leakage.


      A major international nutraceutical company got in touch with us and needed a solution to leaking gelcaps caused by the state of their existing wedges. This industry leader needed a long-term solution that ensured next-day turnaround time.


      After several tests and research with both quality and time sensitivity in mind, we recommended a lower friction, food-grade Teflon coating. This application would be best suited for these specific gelcaps and its required ribbon thickness.

      The performance of wedges are integral to success, or failure, of manufacturing gelatin capsules. To ensure quality we established a pre and post QA inspection process.

      Wedges have precise surface and dimensional properties and we determined that serial number tracking paired with QA inspections would provide valuable benefits the customer.


      We helped our client improve operating performance, reduce maintenance downtime, and improve capsule quality.

      In partnering with our client, we also implemented a preventative maintenance schedule that allowed us to offer 24-hour turnaround time between shipment drop-offs and pick-ups. With serial number tracking and inspection processes, we were able to build trust, maintain transparency, and report important details related to the wedge, its coating, its life, and its condition using coating measurement technology.